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As promised, here is our ONE OK ROCK cover of Re:make, featuring our brand new singer, Cydney Junious, on vocals! While Cydney is new to Kurenai, she isn’t new to music, so we hope you all support her in her new endeavors with Kurenai!

Music bridging culture. Music is a common denominator for every civilization around the world. When there is a blending of the styles, a new sound is made that is both different, yet familiar. The great combinations of the world include wonders, such as peanut butter and jelly or milk and cookies. Has Kurenai added another combination to the mix? Japanese and American-inspired rock music?

Hailing as a Power Rock band from Sacramento, California, Kurenai blends the various genres of pop, punk and metal from both Japanese and American rock influences, bringing an eclectic sound to their performances. Founded in 2011, each member sought to bring their own musical influences into the group to create a cohesive sound that is both bold and exciting. With Cydney’s soulful singing, Michael’s layered harmonies, Veball’s raging bass and Francis’ palpitating beats, Kurenai has found a balance that complements their musical inspirations and hopes to share their sound with the world.

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